Why us?

Why us?

We are not all things to all people.

Our clients are successful owners. They are busy people with complex financial needs. We have designed our business and advice offer to respond to their unique needs.

Why business owners choose to work with Stephen & Partners?

  • They want to be in a better financial position than they would have been without the advice.
  • They want to understand the advice they receive and why it is in their best interests.
  • They want the security of knowing they are heading in the right direction to achieving what is important to them.
  • They seek a complete advice solution. They expect us to consult with other experts and to integrate this advice into one optimised plan.
  • They want objective and relevant advice. They expect us to be free from conflicts of interest.
  • They expect clarity and transparency. They expect us to put their interests first – always. That’s why our fees are solely based on value of the advice and services we provide.
  • They want to focus on running their business. They prefer to let us worry about their finances.
  • They want to be kept accountable for their actions and decisions as well as ensuring they execute what needs to be done.
  • They appreciate having someone to talk to. They want an adviser that they can sit down with who will give them advice about what to do and what not to do and then help them implement that advice. They understand the value of an advice relationship that is based on trust.


James Stephen

James Stephen

Director & Financial Adviser

James, a Certified Financial Planner, has been directly advising his clients since 2003 and is responsible for the development and implementation of his client's strategic financial advice plan.

Belinda Stephen

Belinda Stephen

Practice Manager

Belinda is responsible for client service, marketing and communications, operations and compliance.


Member of the FPA

Financial Planning Association of Australia


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Melbourne Victoria 3000

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